May 4 2007

Wedding Pictures

I’m only how many months late?  Whatever.  You can see the pictures here.  If you don’t want to wade through the literally hundreds of pictures and only want to see some highlights from the ceremony and reception, I created a gallery here from the pictures my Uncle Danny took.

You all have Carl to thank for me finally getting this finished.  Ask (800 times) and you shall receive.

In all seriousness, sorry for the wait.  Enjoy.

Mar 17 2007


Well, we are now homeowners. Closing was a little anti-climactic, even when I handed over the massive check. Plus we still don’t move in for another two weeks.

Feb 3 2007

House 2

Well, we have a contract. Can’t move in until 4/1 though. We’re not sick of the hotel at all, really. But the end is in sight!

Feb 3 2007


We made an offer on a house today. Haven’t heard back yet. More info coming…

As for the pictures, they’re coming. No promises when.

Nov 10 2006


The house is empty. It’s pretty weird. Start my new job on Monday. That hasn’t really hit me yet, it’s a little surreal.

Nov 8 2006

Back Up!

I finally got fed up with my last web host telling me they’d restore my site and never actually doing it. I was down for over a month! Unacceptable. So I’ve got a new webhost. Hurray for A Small Orange!

Anyway, I’ll be rebuilding over the next few days/weeks, as time allows. Wedding pictures coming soon.