Mar 2 2010

Michael Thomas Taylor Cain

Michael Thomas Taylor Cain was born on 2/15/10 at 10:05 PM.  8lbs, 5oz.  Both he and mom are doing great.

There are more pictures in the gallery.  And I added a few of the new big sister as well.

Dec 23 2009


Happy Holidays!

Just added a few, by request.

As always, there are some more in the gallery

Jun 19 2009


This is Madi and her friend Eva.  There are a few more in the gallery.

Jan 26 2009


Someone recently mentioned going through Madeleine Withdrawal.  Hopefully there is enough for your fix in the gallery.

Where is it?

Nov 5 2008


Halloween is exhausting

Halloween was exhausting. There are a bunch more pictures up in the gallery.

Jun 26 2008

More new pictures

Sorry for the delay. Enjoy!
Madi Keeping Cool

There are more in the gallery.  By the way, there is a link to the gallery at the top right, and you can always find it at

Apr 13 2008

New Pictures

Here is my favorite.  There are more in the gallery.

Dec 25 2007

Merry Christmas!

Dec 23 2007

Madi discovers the computer

I downloaded a program called Alpha Baby
for Madi.  As you can see, she loves it.

There are a few more of her using it in the gallery.

Dec 14 2007

What’s that?

madi on the couch…

and then she discovers the camera… must come check it out….

very interesting…

…what was that???!!! (a flash)

each time it gets cooler…



(commentary by amy)

There are some more new pictures in the gallery too.