Sep 19 2007

Gallery Fixed

The gallery is fixed, pictures are available again.

Sep 19 2007

Gallery Issues

Gallery is down. I’m working with tech support. One of these days I’ll learn my lesson about trying to upgrade the software.

May 8 2007

And we’re back.

The gallery is back online. Sorry about that.

May 7 2007

Less wedding pictures?

So I tried to upgrade my gallery software this morning, and in process discovered that I am out of disk space. Not sure how that happened, given that yesterday I had almost a gig.ÂI’m thinking it has something to do with cpanel not seeing galleries I had specified to be hidden.

Anyway, please stand by, I hope to have it fixed today.

Sorry to be such a tease.

Nov 8 2006

Back Up!

I finally got fed up with my last web host telling me they’d restore my site and never actually doing it. I was down for over a month! Unacceptable. So I’ve got a new webhost. Hurray for A Small Orange!

Anyway, I’ll be rebuilding over the next few days/weeks, as time allows. Wedding pictures coming soon.